OWL VALENTINE TREATS -- Whoooo do you love?


The idea for these sweet little owls came to me a few weeks ago. Remember a few weeks ago?  Candy canes, Chocolate Santas, and gingerbread in every size, shape and form, but not a single heart-shaped valentine "Peep" to be found. Fortunately, my friend Holly saved the day when she scored a few boxes at a local drugstore.

My posts have been awfully long lately, so I'm keeping this intro short and sweet. Here are the instructions for making Chocolate Dipped Valentine Owls on a Stick made from heart-shaped marshmallow "Peeps":

Marshmallow Valentine Owls


--Heart-shaped Peeps (Our local store only had the pink, sugar-free type.  The regular version is red and should be available in most stores with a large Valentine candy section).
--Valentine's Day M&Ms (or just the white M&Ms if you're able to find them)
--A Food Writer Pen in black (available in the cake decorating section of most major craft stores)
--Nabisco 100 Fudge Petites, Mint Fudge Flavor (they also sell a vanilla cookie version)
--Brach's Cinnamon Hearts
--Melted Chocolate (candy melts, chocolate bark, couverture callets, or chocolate chips thinned down with a touch of vegetable oil)
--A Small Food-safe Paintbrush
--White Lollipop Sticks
--Small Cellophane Treat Bags
--"Owl Always Love You" gift tags, FREE DOWNLOAD HERE
--Glue Stick (to adhere label)


Step 1:  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Step 2:  Melt your chocolate.
Step 3:  Using the Food Writer pen, draw small heart shaped "pupils" on the white M&M candies.

Step 4:  Remove heart-shaped "Peeps" from the package.  I used scissors to separate them in to individual pieces.
Step 5:  Dip the bottom half of a marshmallow heart into the melted chocolate.  Insert lollipop stick.  Set on parchment.

Step 6:  Set one cinnamon heart candy in place for the beak.

Step 7:  Using the small paintbrush, paint a dab of melted chocolate on the back of one of the M&M "eyes" and set in place.  Repeat with second "eye".

Step 8:  Set the Nabisco Fudge Petites in place as "wings".  They should adhere easily to the melted chocolate.

Step 9:  Using the paintbrush, brush chocolate into the v-shaped area at the top of the marshmallow.

Step 9:  Paint a tiny dab of chocolate at the tips of two cinnamon hearts and set in place as a "bow".

Step 10:  Repeat to create remaining "Owls".  If your room is too warm for the chocolate to set, put the pan of completed owls in the refrigerator to set for 10 minutes.

Step 11:  To package, put "Owl" in a small cellophane treat bag and seal, at the base of the "Owl", with the twist ties that typically come with the treat bags.  I usually cut my twist ties in half, to reduce their bulk when winding around a treat on a stick.

Step 12:  Print out the "Owl Love You Forever" gift labels on regular printer paper.  Cut out and trim.  Using a glue stick, apply glue to half of the back side of one label.  Wrap label around the stick, to conceal the twist tie (that's why it's best to wind the twist-tie around, rather than to twist).

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