"Gung Hay Fat Choy" means "Wishing You Prosperity & Wealth"

One of the best things about being a part of a co-op school for my daughters' preschool years was all the multi-cultural traditions that were shared by the families in the co-op.  One of my girls' favorite traditions, and mine, was the week where we celebrated the Asian New Year.  Receiving a red envelope at the end of the week was always the highlight, and the girls still talk about it to this day with great fondness.

Red envelopes (red because it symbolizes luck) are traditionally handed out to children during the Chinese New Year.  This year is the Year of the Rabbit, so I created a rabbit themed envelope to keep the tradition going in my home.  Each girl will get a red envelope with a $1 gold coin inside.

The Asian New Year started with the New Moon on Feburary 3 this year, and goes for 15 days until the Full Moon.  Why not make up a few red envelopes for your family to reward for good behavior, extra chores, or showing respect to elders during the two weeks of the Asian New Year?

Here is the free download and instructions:
Asian New Year Red Envelope Bunny Craft

Asian New Year Red Envelope Tutorial

Envelope template (ABOVE)
Red paper
glue stick
Optional:  glue pen & glitter

Step 1:  Cut out template and trace on to red paper.

Step 2:  Cut out the envelope shape from the red paper.  Fold along the solid lines indicated by the template.

Step 3:  Glue along the bottom and left folds, Then fold large flap on the right over the left side to seal envelope.

Step 4:  Cut out one bunny from the template sheet.  Glue to the front of the envelope.

Step 5:  Cut one "Gung Hay Fat Choy" strip from the template.  Use glue stick to adhere it in the arms of the bunny.

Step 6:  For extra sparkle, use a glue pen to draw a thin line around the "Gung Hay Fat Choy" strip.  Sprinkle with glitter, then shake off excess.

Step 7:  Put some money inside envelope and present to a special child, using both hands (per the custom).  

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