March 31, 2011

Family Timeline Banner Tutorial

It's great having crafty and inspiring friends!  Recently, Holly of 504 Main and Jenn of Redberry Barn got me excited to enter the banner contest being sponsored by Canvas Corp.  After considerable brainstorming, and tossing out half a dozen ill conceived ideas, I finally struck upon a concept I could run with.  

Enter-- The Family Timeline -- a banner commemorating special moments in the history of one's family.

The "Timeline" features canvas clock faces that are set to times that are meaningful.  For my "Timeline", my clocks represent the time I was married and the times that my two daughters were born.  Each clock is accompanied by a mini photo canvas bearing a picture relevant to the event being commemorated.  

Speaking of crafty friends inspiring an idea, I'm sure that the clocks on Carol's Upcycled Cocoa Containers at "The Answer is Chocolate" must have planted the temporal seed!

I was pleased to find that has an amazing selection of Canvas Corp products.  As a craft supply junkie I can tell you with giddy glee that Canvas Corp's product line gets my mind going a mile a minute imagining all the possibilities and projects I could do!  If you're not yet familiar with Canvas Corp and love to craft, check them out. 

To celebrate the most cherished times in your family history, here's now to make a "Family Timeline Banner" of your own:

The Family Timeline Banner


Clock Face Graphics -- The Graphics Fairy has some wonderful ones you can download for free HERE
Kelly Panacci "Time" Sticker Collection (for the clock hands) -- 2 sets of hand to a package, purchased at Michael's Crafts.
Family photos
Yard Stick
Wood Stain
Assorted vintage paper
Hot Glue Gun
Tacky Glue
Iron-on Transfer Paper for white fabric
Small black scrapbooking brads
3" Black Circles (cut from cardstock)

Canvas Corp - Stretched Natural Canvas - 4 x 4, BRAND NEW click to enlarge
Canvas Corp Stretched Canvases 4x4 (1 canvas to accompany each clock)

Canvas Corp Mini Rounds (1 round per clock)

A mix of Canvas Corp Burlap Rounds and Canvas Rounds (1 piece per clock) -- your choice.
I used two burlap and one canvas.

Canvas Corp Jute Cord, Black

Inkjet Canvas Transfer Paper
Inkjet Canvas Transfer Paper

Step 1:  Begin by laying out your banner.  Decide how many burlap rounds and canvas rounds you wish to use.  Pick out vintage papers for the rosettes.  Print photos (they should measure 4x4) on plain paper in "draft" form, and lay on top of canvases to create a mock-up.  

Step 2:  Prepare yardstick by using sandpaper to remove any logos or text that you do not wish to have in the finished product.  Apply wood stain to yard stick to achieve desired level of antiquing.  Set aside to dry.

Step 3:  Accordion-fold strips of vintage paper to form rosettes, and size to be smaller than the burlap and canvas rounds to which they'll be attached.

Step 4:  Crop and size selected family photos to 4x4 and print on a sheet of Canvas Transfer Paper.  Trim photos from sheet.  Coat stretched canvas face with tacky glue, and apply canvas photo.

Step 5:  Using a tiny dab of hot glue on the corner of the border of the stretched canvas, attach one end of the black jute cord.  Continue to wrap around the canvas, occasionally dabbing a small spot of hot glue as you go, until the entire canvas border has been wrapped.  Affix the tail end of the cord with a final dab of hot glue.

Step 6:  Print clock faces on iron-on transfer paper (be sure to print in reverse or mirror image).  Clock faces should be the same size as the small Canvas Corp mini rounds (2.75").  Follow paper manufacturers instructions for ironing the transfers on to the canvas rounds.  For added depth and layering, I printed a large clock face on the large canvas round.

Step 7:  Set the clock hands in the desired position on each clock.  Set canvas clock on a 3" round of black paper.  Use a bamboo skewer or awl to make a hole in the center of the clock (where clock hands meet).  Insert black scrapbooking brad through the hole.  This will hold the paper and canvas in place and give the clock a finished look.

Step 8: Using hot glue, attach a rosette to the desired canvas or burlap round.  Glue clock to the center of the rosette.

Step 9: Lay out all the pieces in the desired order on the stained and dried yard stick.  Hot glue in to place.


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  1. What a delightful addition to your home ... oh, to have time to be crafty!! :)

  2. I think this is my favorite favorite FAVORITE project you've done!! LOVE THIS!

  3. Oh you clever girl! I adore this project!

  4. I heart banners and yours is so great! Lezlee

  5. Jenn this is sooooo sweet!! I love your idea - what a sweet idea to use for a banner!!

  6. Jenn-this is so wonderfully special! You did a great job.

  7. I love it, good luck with your contest, so fun!


  8. What a great projects, thank you for sharing! And also thank you for stopping by my blog today :)

  9. What a great way to remember all those special times. Love the way it came out.

  10. This is so unique! I've never seen anything like it! Very nice on the wall!

  11. What an ingenious idea. I ♥ all of your clocks Ü Thanks so much for the idea. I want to do that for my home.

  12. I REALLY like this! It is sentimental and rustic...right up my alley! Great job!

  13. I love this idea. Give me anything clock-related and I'm YOURS!!


  14. This is very clever, I've never seen anything like it before. Thanks for the great tutorial. So many possibilities and you could always add to it.

  15. This is an amazing idea. I always want to show off older family photos but I never know how. I really like the look of this project. Thank you for linking at the beagle.

  16. This is fabulous! I will be featuring it on my blog in a couple of weeks - linked back here of course!


  17. Yep. This is getting featured tomorrow. LOVE it!!!! Thanks for sharing with air your laundry Friday.


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