Vintage Velvet Shamrock Pin Tutorial

velvet tubing shamrock pin
A few weeks ago at work, someone put a box of craft supplies on the "Up For Grabs" table. I was so excited when I found this 15 yard spool of vintage green velvet tubing.  With St. Patrick's day just around the corner I knew I could craft it in to something perfect for the occasion!

I was always the kid at school who forgot to wear green and hid out in the bathroom at recess so I wouldn't get pinched.  As the years went by I got pretty good at pinch-deflecting responses like, "my toenails are painted green," and the tried and true, "I'm wearing green underwear."  Thank goodness I was never asked to prove the latter.  

velvet tubing shamrock pin

Now that I have kids of my own, I'm always so busy getting them all spruced up for St. Patty's that I still forget to don a bit o' green.  But not this year!  Using the velvet tubing, some floral wire, and a handful of vintage buttons, I put together some lovely little vintage styled shamrock pins to wear on St. Patrick's Day.
velvet tubing shamrock pin tutorial
Velvet Shamrock Pins

  • 18" Velvet Tubing per pin
  • (I used vintage stock, but you can purchase new velvet tubing from Offray at most craft and fabric stores)
  • 18 " 22 gage floral wire
  • vintage buttons
  • hot glue gun
  • pin backs
  • Optional:  Fabric rosettes

Step 1:  Remove the cord from inside the length of tubing.

Step 2:  Insert wire into tubing, and seal tubing at both ends with a small dot of hot glue. 

Step 3:  Use three fingers, as shown in photo below, to bend three loops in the wired tubing.

Step 4:  Use a small dab of hot glue to connect the three loops at the base.

Step 5:  Using your forefinger and thumb, stretch each loop to widen at the top.

Step 6:  Twist "stem" several turns to tighten the grain.

Step 7:  Glue a vintage button in the center of shamrock.  I layered two buttons.

Step 8:  Bend each petal in the center.

Step 9:  At this point you can embellish further by mounting the velvet shamrocks on a fabric or vintage lace rosette, or leave them as a simple outline as pictured above.  Use a dab of hot glue to affix a pinback to the back of the shamrock and it's ready to wear.

For this rosette, I used a 10" strip of frayed muslin, gather stitched.

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