March 16, 2011

Vintage Velvet Shamrock Pin Tutorial

velvet tubing shamrock pin
A few weeks ago at work, someone put a box of craft supplies on the "Up For Grabs" table. I was so excited when I found this 15 yard spool of vintage green velvet tubing.  With St. Patrick's day just around the corner I knew I could craft it in to something perfect for the occasion!

I was always the kid at school who forgot to wear green and hid out in the bathroom at recess so I wouldn't get pinched.  As the years went by I got pretty good at pinch-deflecting responses like, "my toenails are painted green," and the tried and true, "I'm wearing green underwear."  Thank goodness I was never asked to prove the latter.  

velvet tubing shamrock pin

Now that I have kids of my own, I'm always so busy getting them all spruced up for St. Patty's that I still forget to don a bit o' green.  But not this year!  Using the velvet tubing, some floral wire, and a handful of vintage buttons, I put together some lovely little vintage styled shamrock pins to wear on St. Patrick's Day.
velvet tubing shamrock pin tutorial
Velvet Shamrock Pins

  • 18" Velvet Tubing per pin
  • (I used vintage stock, but you can purchase new velvet tubing from Offray at most craft and fabric stores)
  • 18 " 22 gage floral wire
  • vintage buttons
  • hot glue gun
  • pin backs
  • Optional:  Fabric rosettes

Step 1:  Remove the cord from inside the length of tubing.

Step 2:  Insert wire into tubing, and seal tubing at both ends with a small dot of hot glue. 

Step 3:  Use three fingers, as shown in photo below, to bend three loops in the wired tubing.

Step 4:  Use a small dab of hot glue to connect the three loops at the base.

Step 5:  Using your forefinger and thumb, stretch each loop to widen at the top.

Step 6:  Twist "stem" several turns to tighten the grain.

Step 7:  Glue a vintage button in the center of shamrock.  I layered two buttons.

Step 8:  Bend each petal in the center.

Step 9:  At this point you can embellish further by mounting the velvet shamrocks on a fabric or vintage lace rosette, or leave them as a simple outline as pictured above.  Use a dab of hot glue to affix a pinback to the back of the shamrock and it's ready to wear.

For this rosette, I used a 10" strip of frayed muslin, gather stitched.


  1. Oh these are just gorgeous! What a fantastic find!

  2. Wow Jenn - these are really cute!! What a fun touch of green for tomorrow!! ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Adorable. I'm loving all the St. Paddy's Day crafts on the blogosphere these days. If I don't catch you tomorrow have a wonderful St. Paddy's Day tomorrow, touched with a bit o' luck!

  5. OK how come the only thing up for grabs around me are dirty dishes and misplaced underwear? These are so awesome and so insta-vintage. Love them!

  6. How sweet are those, Love the buttons. So much more Chic, than the usual Shamrocks! Sure wish I could join the party, ...I've been sooo busy salvaging from burnt out houses and creating like crazy (I'm on Spring break, it is my dream vacation, lol) I've been so busy, only half done and no pics, but I'm going to check out the other par-tiers!

  7. Wow Jenn! these are cute! I like the velvety velvet green! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. We can use the steps to create flowers too!

  8. Very cute! And how great are vintage craft supplies?! I have some vintage ribbon that belonged to my great aunt. She worked as a candy dipper and it was used to tie bows on boxes of chocolate. I need to think of a great project for some of it.

  9. Jenn, those are beautiful!! I love them!

  10. Is there anything you can't turn into something? So creative....beautiful pin. I so wish I had more time to follow your inspirations.

  11. oh, i love them! cute, yet sophisticated too. now if someone would just give me a spool of that fabulous velvet, i really think i could make something of it! wonderful and creative.

  12. You are so cute and clever! I love these. Like you, I never remembered my green and always tried to cover by swearing I was wearing green underwear:)

  13. What a great idea... and SO SIMPLE!


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