Easter Breads from Around the World

Sweet holiday breads are part of the Easter traditions in many countries around the world.  I think it's a wonderful way to learn about the way other cultures celebrate the season by delving in to these recipes, and getting a "taste" of the unique ways in which the people of different lands commemorate the religious "rising".

So far, this year, my family and I have baked up Colomba di Pasqua, the traditional Easter bread of Italy.  We created a version filled with candied orange and bits of semisweet chocolate.  Sliced, toasted and served with honey drizzled mascarpone, it was divine!  

This past week, we enjoyed Hot Cross Buns, a tradition that hails from England, and subject of the popular nursery rhyme.  Our Hot-Cross Buns were filled with bits of dried apricot and were topped with a sweet cream-cheese cross.

Today, I was thrilled to come across two new recipes that I'm eager to try:

My paternal grandfather's people came from Germany, so the recipe for the German Easter bread Osterkranz from "Doberman's By the Sea" is a must try:

photo credit:  Doberman's By the Sea

My mother's family came from Bialystok, Poland, but unfortunately no recipes were passed down from this line.  So I was delighted when I found the recipe for Polish Placek at "Delicious Inspiration".

photo credit:  Delicious Inspiration

I may not be able to claim any Bohemian ancestry, but that's not likely to stop me from trying the recipe for Bohemian Houska shared with me by Debby over at "Just Breathe". 

photo credit:  Just Breathe

Do you have a special Easter bread tradition?  Please feel free to link-up below, or share your tradition in the comments field.  

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