Marshmallow Cottontail Peeps on a Stick -- Sweet, Simple & Fun Easter Recipe

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hopping down the Bunny Trail
Hippity, Hoppity Easter's on its way

Two of my favorite and most nostalgic Easter sweets are chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies and Peeps®.   So, my girls and I decided to combine the two classics, resulting in:

These sweet bunny silhouettes
are so simple to make and taste incredible!

Here's all you need:

Marshmallow Peeps® Bunnies
Lollipop Sticks 
(found in the cake decorating aisle of most craft stores)
Candy melts, bark or tempered Couverture Chocolate
Mini marshmallows

Step 1:  Line a baking sheet or tray with wax paper (no need to use expensive parchment)

Step 2:  Prep your Peeps® by inserting a stick as far as it will go without coming up through the ears.

Step 3:  Prep mini marshmallows by trimming off 1/3 with scissors.  Keep the larger pieces and discard the trimmings.

Step 4:  Melt your chocolate.

Step 5:  Dip bunny into melted chocolate.  Tap off excess chocolate into the chocolate bowl.  Set on wax paper lined tray.  Add a marshmallow cottontail.  Repeat.  

Step 6:  When tray of chocolate dipped bunnies is complete, refrigerate for a few minutes to help chocolate set.

Originally posted on 4/5/11, 10:26 PM 


  1. Deliouis oh I can't spell this late but does look yummy....♥

  2. so cute and yummy! :) I love peeps! ohh, yeah, and of COURSE I love chocoate!

  3. Adorable and so simple to make!

  4. I love peeps! Very stylish take on them... looks delish!

    -caroline @ c.w.frostimg

  5. oh, my word, you are sooo awesome!

  6. Brilliant! We're all about bunnies right now. This is fantastic!

  7. Oh my goodness, you are so freakin' creative!!!!

  8. jenn, first, oh my word. these are so great! though that chocolate might not make it onto the peeps in my house. secondly, just wanted to say im a little dazzled that you stopped by quiverfull. i love your site, especially the idea behind storybook neverland. books have shaped my life so much, and i appreciate each one (even the ones i don't love so much) in such an intense (and maybe a little bit odd) way. i'm working on a children's book myself and the amount and level of work and passion and creativity that is put into any kind of literature is worthy of our admiration and respect. people in our circles talk a lot about going 'handmade only' and it occurred to me the other day that a book is the ultimate handmade product. Even beyond handmade, it is mind-made. and the enduring nature of books allows us to 'know' authors and epochs and ideas and worldviews of every kind. it's like an ageless World Wide Web of human thought and endeavor. We can connect with people not only all over the globe, but through times and centuries and the creation and fall of worlds... it's amazing. which is why each one is a treasure. and when we lose them, we're erasing a little bit of humanity. ... aaaaaand... wow. evidently, i feel strongly about this. :)sorry for the soapbox, and i'm so glad to meet a kindred spirit.

  9. hiya , what a great idea, one simple but very enticing project , for kida nad big kids ! tfs i am visitnign from messy monday and am your newest follower too , hope you will stop by mine soon and follow me too ?

  10. Such a cute and delicious idea! This would be a fun project to do with my daughter!

  11. Peeps are one of my favorite things about Easter (although who am I kidding - they make them for nearly all the holidays now, so maybe Peeps are just one of my favorite things. Anyways...) This is a brilliant idea.

  12. I just wanted to let you know I featured this project on my blog and I am going to keep it up and featured on my sidebar for a week!!!! Feel free to come by and see the post and grab a Featured Button!!

  13. I'm not a huge Peeps fan, but I love this idea for my little sunday school class. I teach 6 (4 year old boys)and with easter everything is so girly. These are perfect for the boys. I'm a new follower.

  14. these are so cute! I need you to teach me how to chocolatier!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Looks simple enough too! Thanks for sharing!


  16. Stopping by from SITS. These are so cute! My daughter will love them.

  17. love love love. Thank you so so much. i made them and can't get enough. I posted about it and linked to you and quoted you!

    check it out! Found you from Marvelously Messy.

  18. those are cute as can be! Will have to make these next Easter!

  19. These are so cute! Thank you for sharing


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