ONE MILLION CRANES -- Children in the USA Helping Children in Japan -- JOIN US!

Photo by Jennifer Jansen
Is your family, school, scout troop, church, or community group looking for a way to reach out to the people of Japan?  Some amazing women in my community (read about them HERE) have come together and formed an incredible movement called "ONE MILLION CRANES". Already, groups all around the country are embracing the spirit of this simple, yet powerful idea.

Photo by Kristy Sebok
The Goal:  "Children from 1,000 US schools or groups will make 1,000 origami cranes, and contribute $1.00 for each crane they make. Together, our children will make ONE MILLION CRANES, and send one million dollars to the people of Japan."

Here's how it works:

1) Register your school or group here.

2) Students start by learning to fold an origami crane. These children will then teach other children to fold origami cranes, and those children will teach others.

3) The adult facilitator will provide the origami paper (any SQUARE paper may be used), and assist the children with making the cranes when help is needed.

4) Children will donate $1.00 for every crane they make. Each crane made will mean $1 for Japan.

5) The finished cranes will be gathered by the facilitator and strung together to be placed in schools or other public buildings.

6) Money will be kept in a central, safe location by the adult facilitator. The adult facilitator will then donate all money raised (with the goal of $1,000) to the Red Cross relief effort in Japan, given in the name of "One Million Cranes for Japan from [your school or group].

-- from the "One Million Cranes" website

How can you help?

Join One Million Cranes on Facebook and share it with your friends.

Spread the world in your city, your circles, and through the power of the internet.

Start a "One Million Cranes" drive in your community.

For a list of schools, groups and business that have already joined the campaign, visit HERE.

Photo by Jennifer Jansen
Here are some ways to get involved

1. Families can make cranes at home, and bring the cranes and dollars into the classroom, where the cranes can be hung with others made by classmates.

2. Home-school families can invite others to join the effort, and those families can either display them in front of their homes, or ask to display them at a public building.

3. A class or scout troop can take on the project of each child making a crane and bringing a dollar to donate.

3. Tables can be set up at school or community events, and adult facilitators can collect money and make cranes with individuals interested in supporting the effort.
-- from the "One Million Cranes" website

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