Folding Cupcake Stand Tutorial -- Elmer's Craft Camp for Kids, Part III

The stand, cupcake wrappers and cupcake picks were
all made by the 6 & 7 year-olds that attended the Camp Cupcake Party

This is a tutorial for one of the crafts that I came up with to use for CAMP CUPCAKE using the materials provided by Elmer's/X-acto.  The basic concept of this cupcake stand is a versatile one.  Using any size or shape of foam board, you can simply adorn it with a pretty scrapbook paper, trim with a coordinating ribbon, and add the sturdy PVC feet.  You can make multiple stands in descending sizes for a tiered cupcake display.

Using the mini bi-fold foam board that came with each Elmer's Craft Camp Kid Kit, the "campers" and I fashioned these 19" x 13.25" cupcake stands that will hold two dozen cupcakes.  They fold in half for easy storage.


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3 pieces matching 12x12 scrapbook paper
1 Elmer's mini bi-fold foam board
1 Elmer's CraftBond extra strength glue stick or CraftBond Spray Adhesive
1/4" ribbon (enough to trim the sides of the board)
Glue gun
6 1" PVC Couplings (Home Dept, 34-cents each)

Step 1:  Use the folded foam board to measure the amount of paper needed to cover each half of the board. Trace with a pencil them trim with scissors.  Set scraps aside.

Step 2:  Open up foam board in front of you so that the split side is facing down. Apply glue stick or spray adhesive to the back side of each sheet of paper and line up with the seam on each half of the board.  Press down to work out any air bubbles.

Step 3:  Using hot glue, glue ribbon around each of the ends of the board.  Then glue lengths of ribbon to the remaining four sections of the board.  You don't want to use one continuous piece for the front and back sides because it will prevent the board from folding properly.

Step 4:  Trim remaining scrapbook paper so that it can be wrapped around each piece of PVC.  Apply glue to the back side of each piece and wrap around PVC.

Step 5:  Glue one PVC leg 3.5" from the top of each corner.  Glue one PVC leg 3.5" from the bottom of each corner.  Glue the remaining legs to create a tripod on each side.

Display cupcakes.
Then fold and store when done.


  1. I love this Jenn, I will definately be make one. Your cupcakes look so delicious and cute too. Do you use a butter cream icing?

    Have a nice evening,

  2. Jenn, your on my reader list and I come here often to visit, even though I do not leave a comment. As I continue to visit, I am always amazed at your creative spirit and the wonderful items you make and share. Thanks so much!

  3. So cute! I wish I had attended Camp Cupcake, it looks like a great time for all!

  4. I really want to try to make the Card Gift Box that's on the Elmer's website.


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