How to Stencil Fabrics with Freezer Paper: a Guest Post from Running With Glitter

Did you know that there's a way to make professional-looking custom prints on clothing and textiles without a fancy and expensive machine? For the small investment of around $6, for a roll of freezer paper, you can make miles of marvelous stencils to liven up your clothes, pillows, placemats, etc...

Today, I'm so pleased to introduce Kelly from Running With Glitter. Kelly's creative blog positively shimmers with inspiring ideas.  She's genuine, kind and someone you'll want to get to know.  I'm so happy that she's here today at Rook No. 17 to share her technique for stenciling with freezer paper!  

Hop on over to Running With Glitter, say hello to Kelly, and check out her inspiring DIYs and tutorials.  If you drop by today, you may even find someone familiar guest-posting there -- tee hee!


I'm Kelly, I have a fun little blog called Running With Glitter
I'm really Excited to be a guest here on Rook No. 17 today. 
I know I can come here and always find some inspiration!!
Over at my blog you will find tutorials, family fun and a little dose of healthy living. 
If you get a chance I'd love for you to visit me!
Thank you again for having me here!!!

Today I'm going to share a fun way to make and use a stencil out of freezer paper....
I am officially hooked on Freezer paper stenciling. It is personal, simple, cute, low cost and makes great unique gifts! I thought I'd teach you how to make the stencils so you can join my craze :)

Supplies Needed:
Freezer Paper- Found by foil and wax paper (Freezer paper is NOT wax paper)
Fabric Paint -or- Acrylic paint mixed with a medium 
Sponge Brush
Cardboard to go inside the shirt so the paint does not bleed thru.
I used my Silhouette SD and downloaded a truck. You can print clip art directly to the freezer paper in your home printer (print on the non-shiny side) and cut to trim out the image.
Freezer paper is way cool. It has 2 sides, a matte side and a shiny side. The shiny side sticks to fabric like a sticker when heat is applied and peels off when done just like a sticker too! 
Place you freezer stencil on the shirt. On a low/medium setting iron the stencil with the shiny side touching the fabric.
See.. It's on like a sticker :)
I always paint in layers so I don't accidentally mix colors. 
Paint a thin layer of paint first. I always do a "dab" rather than a stroke motion with the brush so the paint does not seep under my stencil. Add layers until your happy with the results.

Let dry for 15-20 minutes .
Remove your stencil and touch up any areas that may need it. 
Let dry 2 hours or per your paint directions on the back of the bottle.
Remove protective cardboard from inside.
Heat set your paint by ironing the back of the shirt and then the front. 
The paint should not stick to the iron. 
Let the paint cure for at least 72 hours before you wash it. 

There you go! Simple fun and unique! 
 My son loves trucks and only wants to wear shirts with trucks, tractors... etc. 
Happy Boy=Happy Mama
(I love his goofy new pose)


  1. That is very cool. I'm gonna try that. :-)

  2. My dearest friend,
    Already I have voted for you...hope you win! Also, thanks a bunch for your support as always:)

  3. This is great! I tried the freezer paper last night, and it was wonderful to work with!

  4. I love it! I just KNOW that my 11yo daughter who is IN LOVE with Justin Bieber (for now) is going to want his name plastered on her shirts. What a great idea. Love this site and am going to hop on over and check out Running With Glitter too. TFS...I'd love to share both your sites at my blog:

  5. Hi Jenn! This is Jenny from The Southern Institute. I'm in the spot right below you at and thought I'd stop by and say hello! Hope you are well... you have a great blog here!


  6. I keep wanting to do this! How do they wash after a few times?

  7. So cute Jenn! I need to make my boys some shirts!

  8. This is so cool! I have never used freezer paper for stenciling. Great guest post!

  9. Super, super cool! I need to try this. (Love Kelly, too!) :)

  10. I LOVE freezer paper! What an amazing crafting tool.

  11. love your crafty lunch stuff, but that boy is beautiful! Lezlee


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