BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK -- Amp'd Up Boombox Lunchbox Tutorial

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I hope you're down for something groovy 'cause today's post aint for cubes, you dig?

(Yeah, just trying out the lingo from the boombox era that inspired today's project.)

Suffice to say, I'm *cranked* to be sharing this guest post from Angela of Better Together. Whether you're a crafter, cook, baker, shopper, or runner, the posts from the talented Wray sisters are sure to inspire! Today, Angela is sharing her tutorial for making this retro boombox lunchbox that is totally *duck soup*!

 Hi! I'm Angela. I'm excited to be here at Rook No. 17 today. I blog over at Better Together with my two sisters.  We created our blog in an effort to learn from one another. One sister cooks, one sister runs, and I handle the craft side of the blog. Come check us out.'' 

The other day I was in the mood to create something, but nothing on my long list of things that needed to get done were calling out to me. I wanted to create something fun. Then I came across this…


…an adorable boom box lunch box from the gap. After seeing this, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I had a little lunch box/cooler that I had received back in my teaching days. One year for teacher appreciation week, the parents took us on a “cruise” around the world. Every day for lunch we got a different themed cuisine. For Americas day, we got hot dogs and hamburgers and they came in these fun lunch boxes. We also received matching water bottles. Now I stay at home with my little guy and no longer work for this school, but I still have the lunch sack that they gave me. So I went ahead and transformed it into something that my son can use.



I just used some felt in a variety of blues, greys, black and white to create my own version of a boom box.


And since I had the matching water bottle, I figured why not do something with it as well. I created a headphones water bottle cozy. Take a turn around the water bottle cozy. I wrapped the headphone wire around the water bottle while giving it a 3D effect. 

Water Bottle World Map

The cozy is held together with some black Velcro.


Not that my 16 month old son is old enough to care what his lunch box looks like, or old enough to even know what a lunch box or a boom box is, but I plan on keeping this around for a while. For now we will take it with us to our picnics in the park. Hopefully someday he will think it is cool. 



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