Fondant Tutorial: Woodland Toadstools

Last weekend I had the opportunity to make the birthday cake for my niece's 1st birthday. For her woodland themed party, I created a whimsical little enchanted toadstool cake. Today, I'm sharing a tutorial for how to make your own sweet little toadstools out of rolled fondant.  

To decorate a cake you'll want to make many toadstools in lots of different shapes and sizes, so perfection isn't important. Because they're mounted on toothpicks, the edible candy toadstools make excellent cupcake toppers too!

FAIRY FACT: Fondant mushrooms are very popular with gnomes.

The fondant mushroom toadstools are quick and easy to make and don't require any special equipment. You don't need to be a cake decorating professional to get great results from this beginner level project.


  • Materials
  • White Fondant
  • Red Fondant
  • (I tinted mine with a touch of brown for a more organic color)
  • A thin paint brush
  • cocoa powder
  • toothpicks
  • a Styrofoam block
  • royal icing (recipe below)

Step 1:  Take a small ball of white fondant and roll it between your palms to form a cone.  Flatten the bottom slightly.

Step 2:  Dip the bottom end in a small bowl of cocoa powder.  Use your fingers to help distribute the cocoa powder part way up the sides of the stem.

Step 3:  Insert a toothpick through the bottom of the stem.  At this point, you can reshape the stem to give it a curve or more dimension.  

Step 4:  Roll a small piece of red fondant in to a ball.  Give it a flat side with your thumb.  

Optional:  use a dab of water to attach a small disc of white fondant to the flat side of the red fondant.  Use a toothpick, or the end of the brush to press it in to the "cap" and to give it the appearance of mushroom "gills".  I usually do this step for the larger toadstools, but skip it for the smaller ones.  

Once you've finished your cap, use the end of the paint brush to make an indentation in the flat side of the cap, to receive the stem.

Step 5:  Put a small dab of water inside the depression and insert stem.  Set on the Styrofoam block to set, while you make the remaining toadstools.

Step 6:  Dot the caps with royal icing and allow to set. The finished toadstools can be kept in an airtight container for months.


Easy Royal Icing
1/2 cup confectioners sugar (plus more, depending on humidity)
2 teaspoons meringue powder
1 Tablespoons water

Whip all ingredients with an electric mixer on medium-high speed for 5 minutes.  Volume will have increased and the glossy sheen will begin to dull.  The icing should hold its shape.  If it is too loose, add another Tablespoon of confectioners sugar.  Transfer to a pastry bag (or ziploc) and snip a small hole in the tip.  Or, use a pastry bag fitted with a #3 tip for more precision.

Tip:  Leftover royal icing can be stored in the freezer for up to a month. I simply roll the bag up on itself, then wrap with a rubber band. When I need it in a pinch, it can be microwaved in 5 second increments to bring it back up to room temp.

Inside the Woodland Toadstool Cake:
Applesauce Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Icing


  1. These are adorable. It's my favorite look for a mushroom!

  2. My daughter is obsessed with all things Alice In Wonderland (or should I say Johnny Depp??) and we've been trying to come up with birthday cake ideas - these would be perfect to add in!

  3. Those look great! I'm always amazed at the awesome things you can do with cakes these days.

  4. what a lovely cake and lucky niece...
    I wouldn't mind doing a tutorial, just haven't been blogging much. Thank you so much for still coming by! I have missed everyone!

  5. Adorable! I will have to make this, that cake is lovely and looks delicious.

    Have a nice weekend,

  6. Adorable! I will have to make this, that cake is lovely and looks delicious.

    Have a nice weekend,

  7. I've never worked with fondant but I've always wanted to. Love the tutorial, looks great!

  8. That cake was adorable..almost too good to eat...but I did! And it tasted great too!

  9. Oh thank you so so much for posting this tutorial. I've always wanted to give my hands a go at making little edible mushrooms from scratch - you have really made my day.

  10. Are you kidding me with this cuteness? Unbelievable. I don't know what else to say. Stumble, pin, tweet, FB... please enter this at Thrifty Thursday later this week. I would love to feature it! Have a great Monday.

    Saved By Love Creations

  11. Oh, my gosh, Jenn, those toadstools are incredible! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope to publish a post soon about the broom factory that was part of the Wyoming Territorial Prison. Fun place to photograph. Have a great week!

  12. These are so awesome! I love the details you add to make things special. You have so much talent!!

  13. Hey Jenn. Wanted to let you know you are featured at Thrifty Thursday. Thanks for linking up. I love this cake!!


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