A Book Review for Crafty Cat Lovers...

Do you have a cat?
Do you love to craft?
Enjoy felting?
Like earth-friendly crafts?
Need a gift for a cat-fancier friend?

Then read on...

Since I live in a home presided over by a fabulously furry Norweigan Forest Cat, my curiosity was piqued when Quirk Books offered to send me a copy of CRAFTING WITH CAT HAIR: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat.

"Crafting...with...CAT HAIR?" you say?
Yes, yes indeed.

If you have a cat...chances are...
Charmingly quirky and beautifully presented, CRAFTING WITH CAT HAIR was originally written in Japan by Kaori Tsutaya. Released in October, the 96 page English translation offers step-by-step tutorials for ten different crafts using basic felting techniques to fashion adorable mementos from the hair of your fuzzy feline.

With a gentle humor and conversational style, the book makes clear from the get-go that it is not about making things out of cat hair to sell or give away.  You won't find your ticket to getting rich on Etsy here.  Crafting with cat hair is a very personal way to make meaningful and lasting keepsakes -- a lovingly crafted tribute to a special member of your family.

In addition to cute and clever crafts like...

Finger Puppets

Embellished Mittens & Gloves

Embellished Felt Totes

and Tiny Portraits

...you'll find tips on caring for and grooming your cat. The fur used in the projects is gathered naturally, through regular grooming.  You won't find any dubious methods like cat shaving or blueprints for a cat farming empire in this book.

So, why craft with cat hair?
It's fun, it's free, and it's earth friendly.

Why not craft with cat hair?
If you're allergic to cats.

Why buy this book?
It's soft, charming and will make you smile...
...just like a cat.


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