For the Love of Teeny-Tiny Things: Microcrafts Book Review


Killing me softly with cuteness,
killing me softly...with cuteness...

As early as I can remember I've been positively obsessed and downright covetous of diminutive trinkets and treasures.  So when I was contacted by Quirk Books and given the opportunity to review a copy of Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share, my inner kid popped a wheelie.  A book filled with crafts for making teeny, tiny cute things?  If this is a dream I don't want to wake up!

My girls, ten and six, were just as charmed by this book as I.  When asked to look through the book and pick a craft, the book was returned to me with the pages bulging with bookmarks.

Some of their favorites were:

The Miniature Books (page 7).

Felt Scrap Dogs (page 25)

Monster Babies (page 49)
Polymer Clay Candy Charms (page 15)

And my personal favorite, Nut Shell Boats (page 5)

For our first project from Microcrafts, we ultimately decided on the little plush owls made from fabric scraps on page 53.  

The girls had fun going through my fabric scraps and deciding on the style of their owls.  My eldest opted for embroidered eyes, while the youngest picked out buttons.  When the owls were complete, we made them into mobiles.  

I'll be sharing the complete tutorial next week.

What a hoot!

Microcrafts includes 25 crafts that are small in scale, but big on charm.  From tiny teddy bears to itsy bitsy bikinis, Microcrafts takes you step-by-step through the process of making your own marvelous minis.  No previous crafting experience or expensive materials are required.  Most projects can be completed with things you can find around the house, and none are any bigger than a spool of thread!   The projects appeal to all ages and the book would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to craft!

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