DIY: Faux Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl
(From Dollar Store or Thrift Store Finds)

I've loved seeing a resurgence in the popularity of mercury glass. It's showing up everywhere these days, but true mercury glass can be prohibitively priced.  


Fortunately, creatives in blogland have figured out a simple technique for mimicking the look so that you can whip up a whole collection for the price of a single piece from a store.

Combining the technique I learned from Katies Rose Cottage, and a popular dollar store craft, I've made my own version of a Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl that I saw HERE for $65.95.  My version cost only $2 (plus the small amount of paint and glue I used in the project). 

Faux Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl DIY

Glass candlestick
Glass bowl
E-6000 Glue
Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Spray
Spray bottle filled with 50/50 water/vinegar
A soft lint-free cloth (or Viva paper towel)
I purchased these two pieces from the Dollar Tree.  Total cost:  $2
Step 1:  Run a bead of E-6000 around the top rim of the candlestick.  Set bowl centered on top.  Allow to dry 24 hours.

Step 2:  On a covered work area, invert pedestal bowl and spray with a light coat of Krylon Looking Glass.  Immediately spray with water/vinegar solution.  Dab lightly with a lint-free cloth to distress.  Allow to dry (the paint dries quickly). 

Step 3:  Turn bowl over and repeat on other side. 

Step 4:  I did a second coat of paint and vinegar to achieve the look I was going for.  A second coat is optional. 

Once dry, the bowl is ready to display as an elegant accent to your home.  



  1. Oh, Jenn, I think we were separated at birth! lol! I'm itching to knock off that EXACT pedestal! Yours looks fabulous. :)

  2. This is so pretty Jenn!! I am loving this technique - I really need to find something to use it on!
    PS - Did I say how happy I am that I got to meet you this weeken??? :)

  3. Beautiful, Jenn! Thank you for sharing your beautiful bowl and awesome tutorial'

  4. love your tutorial, i would love to feature it, if that would be ok with you please let me know.

  5. Those glass candle sticks are wonderful, aren't they? Thank you for this tutorial. I might be making one of these for my Halloween display.

  6. That is such a good idea! I've never seen that done before, may have to try to make one myself! :-)

  7. So gorgeous! Did you and Michele at The Scrap Shoppe plan this? I wanna play too :)

  8. Oh, Jenn....I love this. It is absolutely gorgeous. Recently I have been browsing thrift store for old treasures and I found lot of cool items....great inspiration.

  9. I love how this turned out. Very creative with making the piece yourself. Love it.

  10. Hi! Stopping in to invite you to join us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick


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