Mummy Bagels ~ An Easy & Healthy Halloween Party Food

For the past two years, my daughters have been asked to bring a "healthy snack" to their classroom Halloween parties.  There are tons of adorable treat ideas out there, but the challenge was to find a non-sweet treat that was cute, would be quick and easy to make and that even the pickiest of kids would enjoy eating.  And that's how the Mummy Bagel was born.

If you have time in your schedule to run to the grocery store, whip some cream cheese, and open a can of olives, you can make Mummy Bagels.  I used pre-sliced whole-grain bagels -- healthy and time saving! 

Mummy Bagels
makes 24 

1 dozen mini bagels, halved
2 8oz. packages cream cheese, softened at room temperature
2 2.25 oz. cans sliced black California olives
Pastry bag or large Ziploc freezer bag

Prep:  In a medium bowl and with an electric mixer, whip cream cheese for five minutes on high speed.  Set aside.

1.  Arrange bagel halves on a serving plate.  Place two olive "eyes" near the center of each bagel half.
2.  Put cream cheese in a pastry bag or freezer bag and snip a small hole in the tip.  Squeeze a small amount onto a plate to make sure you like the thickness of the cream cheese "bandage".  If you want your "bandage" to be bigger, enlarge the opening with another small snip.
3.  Pipe cream cheese "bandages" on each bagel.  I found it easiest to pipe around the eyes (in a figure-8 pattern) first.  Then pipe back and forth to create the wrapped bandage look.  As you near the bottom, leave a small section open for the mouth.  

Thinking of inviting some mummy bagels to your Halloween party next year?  Pin it!

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