Homemade Holiday Candy Workshop -- 10 Tantalizing Recipes for Fabulous Fudge, Creamy Caramels, Terrific Toffee and Marvelous Marshmallows!

This week I've had to step back and focus on some family business, but I couldn't help but check in to our cozy little meeting place here to wish you a very happy first day of December.  In celebration of the sweetness of the holidays, I'm sharing ten of my favorite recipes for homemade holiday candies.

Here you'll find a beautifully simple shortbread toffee recipe, my signature dark chocolate ganache topped fudge recipes, truffles and caramels, and even some bacon-laced marshmallows. Enjoy!


Squirrel Nut Fudge -- An old-fashioned brown sugar fudge with toasted almonds

Pecan Penuche -- Another old fashioned classic, updated with chocolate ganache and sea salt.


Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles (garnished with granulated honey)

Dark Chocolate Truffles (Garnished with Fennel Pollen)


Homemade Hanukkah Gelt (Chocolate Covered Apricots)

What is your favorite holiday candy?


  1. Oh Jenn, thank you so much for collecting all of these wonderful recipes in one post. I'm hoping to do some candy making this holiday season and think it's high time I tried out some of your recipes!

  2. Soooo fantastic Jenn. They all look so enticing! I would not be able to refuse any of these. Your family is lucky to have you around!

  3. Potato candy-- an old German recipe!


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