DIY: Pressed Flower Easter Egg Tutorial

After the fun I had last year adhering elegant Silhouettes to Easter eggs, I felt inspired to try embellishing my eggs with a different paper-thin medium this year. 

What could be more naturally lovely and simple than pressed flowers?  These beautiful eggs require only three materials:  eggs, pressed flowers and Mod Podge.  

Lacking the patience to press my own flowers, I sent away for a sample pack of pressed blossoms from Greetings of Grace.  After a bit of trial and error, I determined that the thinner the flower, the easier they are to adhere.  Try to avoid flowers, like daisies, that have thick centers.  Here are some of the types of flowers that work best:  pansies, verbenas, violas, hydrangeas and forget me nots.

Each egg can hold 6-8 blossoms, although I liked the way that the single chrysanthemum on the stem turned out.  The pressed flowers can be purchased in packages and end up costing only a few pennies each.  

Ready to make some?  Let's go...

Easy Pressed Flower Easter Eggs

  • Eggs (hard boiled, or blown if you intend to keep them after Easter)
  • Pressed flowers
  • Mod Podge Gloss Formula
  • A semi-soft, flat paint brush
  • Optional:  A Blas-Fix egg blowing tool

Step 1:  Prepare eggs by hard-boiling or blowing.  Tip:  A few years ago I bought a Blas-Fix egg blowing tool.  It sure beats the migraines I would get from doing it the old fashioned way.  The Blas-Fix is a German tool that uses a small catheter and pump.  It comes with a little tool for drilling a small hole in the egg.  That's it, just one little hole.  No blow-outs.  You can pick one up for less than $6 on Amazon.  I've had the same one for years.  

Step 2:   Brush some Mod Podge on your egg, where you would like the flower to go.  

Step 3:  Use the paint brush to "pick-up" the flower and place it gently on the egg.

Step 4:  Cover the flower with Mod Podge and use paint brush to gently press out any air pockets.  Repeat with remaining flowers.


Originally published:
2/26/13, 6:00 AM
Pacific Daylight Time


  1. Ok your Easter ideas this year are just out of control. I can't stand how gorgeous and fun they're a genius!

  2. Another fantastic project. I can't wait to see tiny violets in the yard again.

  3. Those are so beautiful and delicate looking! And I have to go back to look at your silhouette egg post ... what a neat idea! Thanks so much for linking up to Project Inspire{d}!

  4. I will need to get one of those tools! The pressed flower eggs are just beautiful!

  5. These are soo beautiful! I know my daughter will dig this project!!! Pinning xoxo

  6. Wow! I can't wait to try this. You are very creative.

  7. Those look wonderful - When I saw the pic on facebook I wondered how you made the flowers so flat, I can't ever flatten mine enough. It's nice to know that you can purchase some for projects like this! Thank you for the info.

  8. AMAZING work!!
    You are definitely very creative and very good at you do
    These are really beautiful

  9. Gorgeous! I love the idea of using pressed flowers on the eggs! What a great spring feel!

  10. Yeah, I love these! Already shared on FB now hitting the other social media outlets!

  11. Those are adorable! You should come share at Pinworthy Projects.

  12. this is my favourite of all the egg projects I've seen so far! Great idea and beautiful product!!

  13. I love your style Jenn! Everything you do is so pretty and classic! These Easter Eggs are so sweet!!

  14. Your silhouette eggs were beautiful and now with the tiny pressed flowers, you've made the eggs delicate and gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Just a little FYI , you can also use the egg whites as your glue and sealer on the pressed flowers ! I did this using the whites to glue & seal PF on paper and 2 years later still looks good . this is a trick that Grace Kelly used on her PF art!
    Since you are taking the egg out anyway why not ! If you want to preserve them then you could also sprat them with sealer or mod podge to .


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