Happy Easter!
Show and Tell ~ Homemade Chocolate Bunnies and Treasure Box Eggs

Happy Easter, friends!
I hope you're enjoying the day and are feeling blessed!

I haven't been online much lately.  At this time of year, I get especially kid-centered, so I've been spending extra time reading to my girls, snuggling, having adventures, and devising sweet surprises for them for Easter day.  Even though I'm juggling work and school into the mix, I'm grateful to have found the time to create some whimsical treats:  Solid Chocolate Bunnies and Polka Dot Chocolate Treasure Eggs...

I posted a tutorial a few years ago.
I'll be adding a few tips and new techniques shortly.  
(You can find the DIY post by clicking HERE)

I started by molding the egg halves and bunnies.
I use the Wilton Easter Egg Candy Mold Set and a vintage bunny mold. 

Then I filled the eggs with jellybeans and fuzzy chicks.  The small eggs got chenille chicks and the big egg (for my girls) contained plush chick finger puppets from Folkmanis.   

Then I sealed the boxes with melted chocolate, wrapped them up in cello bags, and embellished with ribbon and vintage millinery flowers.

I made the bunnies to fill the time in between egg castings.
I used trimmed mini cupcake liners for their collars.

Don't they look dapper? 

What have you been up to?

Be sure to drop in next week.
I'll be sharing another fabulous craft book review and giveaway and have more fun crafts and recipes to share.

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