Crafty Food: Easy Bento Box Butterflies and Rice

I love finding news ways to combine crafting with cooking!
This simple and healthy snack  gets a touch of creative whimsy
from toasted seaweed and a craft punch!

Rice balls made with half white and half brown rice are a popular snack and lunchbox item at my house.  We've all become fans of the snack packs of toasted seaweed that have popped up in stores like Trader Joes and Costco.    

So, for lunch the other day, I decided to combine the two -- using my butterfly punch from Martha Stewart Crafts to make delicate seaweed butterflies with which to embellish the rice balls. 


My family loved them.  The girls are excited to have them in their school lunches.  I think they'd be a lovely addition to a tea party or as a kid-friendly finger-food for a potluck. 

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