Goodbye Google Reader! Here's How to Stay Connected with Your Favorite Blogs...

Perhaps you've already heard:  Google Reader is shutting down on July 1.  When Google throws the switch, you will lose the list of blogs you follow. Is there an alternative?  Sure is!  Hop on over to  Bloglovin’.  It's free and they make it easy to transfer the list of all the blogs you already follow, for a nice seamless transition.

Here is how to import all the blogs you follow from Google Reader to Bloglovin.

I hope you'll take the leap over to Bloglovin' with me and will continue to be part of the Rook No. 17 creative community! Your readership, comaraderie, comments and support are what give my creative spirit wings!  You can find Rook No. 17 on Bloglovin' HERE.

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