My Pet Cloud -- An Adorable, Easy and Inexpensive Craft

Adorable, super easy, and less than 15-cents to make...
That's what I love about the "Pet Cloud" project.

A few months back I saw this ingenious little idea on Pinterest and traced the source to the SWAPS-a-lot website -- a great source for readymade Girl Scout swap kits.  Fast forward to this final week of student teaching in a first-grade classroom.  I wanted to give each student a little something to remember me by.  I wanted to do something sweet, inexpensive and with an inspiring message.  I thought immediately of the Pet Cloud.  The original version is miniaturized to be handed out as a swap at Girl Scout events, but for my clouds, I wanted something a bit bigger.

So I put my personal twist on this delightfully squee project by making up a custom tag and poem (free printable below).  My eight-year-old and I whipped up two dozen in less than half and hour and all for around $2.00.  The kids' reactions were priceless!  

These sweet little chaps make a terrific gift for teachers and youth group leaders to give to their students. They'd make a nice little party favor too!  You can count on a Valentine's Day version showing up here in February!

How to Make Pet Clouds


Step 1: Stretch out your cotton balls to create a cloud-like shape.

Step 2:  Put a small dab of tacky glue on the back of a googly eye.  Press into place.  Repeat.

Step 3:  Download and print out the tags on card stock.  Trim.  Place cloud in a bag.  Fold the tag in half to create a tent shape.  Place over top of bag and staple in place.

Spread smiles!

If you'd like to get all of your supplies in one place and like the swap-size, be sure to check out the kits available from  SWAPS-a-lot.

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