Halloween Show & Tell: Doctor Who Inspired Costumes

It's clear that the days of fairy wings and princess gowns are in our past.  Nothing short of an encounter with a man with a blue box (that's bigger on the inside) will bring us back to those childhood follies.  The girls have traded their tutus for the TARDIS, and as a lifelong fan of Doctor Who, I welcome this new phase with sheer delight.

The girls knew that they'd be getting a lot of, "Who (or what) are you supposed to be?"  Esoteric costume choices? Yes.  Did that stop them? No.   

My 12-year old is enamored with Doctor #11, Matt Smith.  To pay homage to her hero, she put together an easy and comfortable costume for around $30.

My daughter and one of her best buddies, 504 Main's son.

She found the fez, bow tie, and suspenders at Hot Topic.  We lucked out finding a perfect pinstriped shirt and tweed coat at Goodwill.

My 8-year old was determined to "find" a World War II era English schoolboy costume in order to dress as the title character in episode 164a "The Empty Child".


For this costume, we purchased a rubber gas mask from a Halloween chain store.  We cut out the eye holes to prevent them from fogging up and to allow for a good flow of oxygen.  For the clothes, we hit up the local Goodwill.  When it came to regular everyday-wear, the racks were thin.  The displays had mostly been turned over for Halloween costumes.  We had to make due with what we could find.  In the children's department, I found a pair of khaki dockers.  When home, I cut them to knicker-length, and hemmed them with my sewing machine.  In the women's department, we found an extra small tweed coat.  It had poufs at the shoulders, so made a few simple alterations at home.  We couldn't find a matching vest, so we decided on a sweater vest.  We made one by cutting the arms off of a cable-knit v-neck sweater.  We finished off the look with a tie.  The whole costume cost less than $30.

At the end of a successful night of trick-or-treating, the girls still felt like being "in character" so they tucked into a helping of fish fingers and custard (no, not really).

How was your Halloween?


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