Family Fun with your Belgian Waffle Maker -- 4 Cinnamon Roll Waffles in Just 2 Minutes

This isn't a new concept, by any means, but this week, it was finally time for my family to invest in a new waffle iron. The little beauty from VillaWare that we got as a wedding gift back in 2000 was ready to retire. So, with the arrival of Ned, our new Belgian waffle maker from Presto, I figured I'd make a fun little treat for the family with my kids.

Four waffles in 2 minutes -- not bad! Ned's a four-star rock star! He was a mid-priced model, had all the features I was looking for, and got great reviews. It's pretty amazing what you can cook in a waffle iron -- hash browns, risotto cakes, polenta cakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, brownies, brookies. Perfect for a dorm room or small apartment!

What unusual things have you made in a waffle iron? 

I'm sharing an Amazon Associates link to the same model I used in the video. I will get a small percentage of each sale from Amazon, but it's not my purpose in posting this. It's just a no brainer and a win-win -- buyers don't pay any extra but have a quick, easy link, and my family gets an itty bitty "tip", which doesn't hurt during these strange, uncertain times.

It looks like the waffle iron is on sale today (4/19/2020) with an Amazon coupon. I don't have any connection with this, but it's definitely motivation to take advantage of the deal. I like this waffle iron just as much as my old one from VillaWare which was twice the price. I'm hopefully that Ned will serve us just as long!

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